There are a number of people offering assessment services. It is important they you understand what is happy kids -1offered.

For instance, a Level C assessor can’t access the range of tests a psychologist can use and do not have the training in interpretation of the tests used beyond that provided by any organisation they belong to. They are unable to use most Wechsler tests e.g WISC cognitive assessment, which is considered the gold standard for assessments.

This also means that they may not be able to use this information to assist with any other difficulty than the area in which they have training, for instance a SPELD tutor is trained to look for dyslexia but not necessarily for levels of anxiety or attentional difficulties, or to work with those who are gifted.

They may also not be bound by professional practice conditions and are not registered to any professional regulatory body. Psychologists must be registered. You can find them listed on the Register of Psychologists It is illegal for any person to use the title Psychologist if not registered as a Psychologist (HPCA Act 2003).

Check that your psychologist holds a current Practising Certificate.


From 2022 you will need a referral to have an assessment. This can be from your school SENCO, RTLB, or if you are or have been working with a Paediatrician, Occupational or Speech Language Therapist, or GP. 

Following your assessment you may need a referral a wide number of services, all of which are independent from us this includes:

Occupational Therapists

Speech Language Therapists


Developmental Paediatrician*

Child /Adolescent Mental Health Services*



Various community support organisations