13th August 2020 – Update

As we have returned to Level 3,  all scheduled appointments  are currently postponed until we return to Level 2.   If this affects your upcoming appointments I will be in touch with you to re-schedule as soon as we have enough information to indicate a move from Level 3 to a lower level. If we return to level 2 before your  scheduled appointment – your appointment will NOT BE IMPACTED. 

If you do not have a confirmed booking already, please  note that there are no bookings left for 2020. Please request an appointment if you are happy to wait until February 2021.

At level 1 it is generally business as usual with a few minor changes. These include using hand sanitiser on arrival, and inviting you to check in using the government tracking app. Your child will also receive a personal ‘goodie bag’ containing pen, unsharpened pencil to use as a pointer, personal hand sanitiser and tissues. Level 2 is similar, although the psychologist wears a mask &/or face shield and sits  further away  as much as is practicable.

When practical non-contact practices are maintained with extra cleaning between each individual assessment appointment.