Fee’s are changing from the 1st January 2020, when EFTPOS will be available. Currently they are:

One hour consultation, no written report provided $200.00 [$230.00 GST inc]

Four hours regular assessment, materials and written report* provided,  [$1235.00 GST inc] This will be $1295.00 in 2020

Five hours, full assessment, materials and written report* provided [$1465.00 GST inc] This will be $1572.00 in 2020

Please note that should additional time or material’s be required these will be charged for as extras, GST inc; [time at $230/hour, materials $85.00,  referral $55.00, and extra forms $22.50].

Which option is right for you?

  •  A 1 hour consultation is helpful for those wishing to discuss an issue or have a feedback session following assessment.
  • A regular assessment of 4 hours is suitable for most people who have learning or developmental or socialisation or emotional difficulties.
  • A full 5 hour assessment is suitable for those who have multiple concerns.
  • Please note the face to face time quoted above is less than half of the total time it takes to complete the assessment and provide families with a comprehensive report.