The Assessment Process

Most children are aware that they are experiencing some area of difficulty.Parents may find introducing the idea of an assessment to their child is eased by describing the appointment as going along to see someone about the area of concern because they might be able to help with that. Avoid using terms like ‘test’, we talk about all sorts of ‘activities’ when working with people.

You will be asked to come into the assessment office with your child and to talk with the psychologist about your child’s history, your concerns and anything else that you wish to talk about, or to get from the assessment. Your child will be asked to complete a number of activities. These are generally quite different to anything they have done before and unlike those used in schools. While these are usually fun and engaging for children many children are quite tired by the end of a 2 hour session and may need a snack break afterwards. It is helpful to bring their water bottle with them but please do not bring snacks to the session.

Usually parents can then leave their child with the psychologist for the assessment and will be asked to come back just prior to the end of their session when the psychologist will be able to give you some initial feedback.

Written Reports. Are available about a week after the end of the assessment, and following receipt of payment.

Please note that unless you request otherwise a PDF copy of your child’s report will be emailed to you. Parents are invited to distribute the report when they are ready and copies are not emailed directly to schools, doctors or other parties unless specifically requested.

Follow up. Having read the report, if you have any questions, or would like to have a feedback meeting please do not hesitate to either send your questions via email, or book a 1 hour session. Psychologists are also available, by appointment, to attend meetings at your child’s school. If we can be of any further assistance, or in the future you require an updated assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We do not have in-house tuition or other services that we funnel clients to. Instead,  for each individual, and only if appropriate for your child, you will be given suggestions as to any other specialist or therapist that you should continue your journey with. we are happy to discuss private or public options that may be appropriate for you and then the choice is entirely yours.

Invoice. An invoice will be given/emailed/posted to you, and must be paid prior to receiving the report. Receipts are provided  on request.

Please check with your Medical Insurance Provider as you may be able to claim the costs of the assessment.

Please also note collection fees will apply if the account is not settled within 1 month from the date of assessment.